Montreal Water Damage Repair

Water damage repair in Montreal services by Bokor Renovation. The quicker you call the sooner you eliminate mold growth and the need for mold removal.

When it comes to controlling water damage repair in Montreal, timing is everything. Bokor Renovation Emergency Water Damage services are designed with speed in mind, capable of helping you and your family at a moment’s notice.

No matter what caused the damage, we are your main source for water damage cleanup services in the Montreal area. If you have flood damage, fire damage, water damage, to need mold removal, we have your back. Bokor employs special techniques for resolving the damage caused by any source of water.

Our experts come to your home 24/7, determine the extent and cause of the water damage, so we can restore your home quickly. We are more than just a mold, fire and water damage company. We provide a wide range of water restoration services, all geared toward helping you recover from the disaster.

Mold Removal expert and Water Damage Repair in Montreal

Mold is a critical outcome of a water damage whether there was a flooding or mold started spreading out of nowhere. It reveals as black spots all around your walls, bath, sink etc. Especially in the shower where it infects wood and rots.

How to get rid of mold?

Removing mold may get tricky, which can harm you and your home. When you encounter serious mold problem we’d recommend getting an expert on the subject since removing the mold may take special protective measures and industrial equipement to do so.

Call us as soon as water damage occurs to prevent the issue of compounding, causing more damage as time progresses.