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It is easy to become confused when it comes to cement and concrete. The terms are often used interchangeably. When you decide you need to build a patio or new walkway or set down the foundation for a new home. It can be baffling when you start visiting home improvement businesses or talk to the contractor about the job you need to have done.
Once you understand that cement is actually an ingredient in concrete the light bulb over your head begins to shine. Concrete is the resulting surface or building material that results from mixing cement and water to create this hard material.
Cement is actually a combination of aggregates such as sand, crushed stone and water. Portland cement is a term you will come across frequently. That might sound like a brand name, but it is actually a term used to refer to a specific type of cement.

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How does concrete work?

When the ingredients of cement and water are properly mixed and they are allowed to hydrate and cure properly, the concrete can be virtually indestructible. It is important to understand how to mix it properly to make a hard material and how to cure it right for long-term use.
Let’s say, you want to create a walkway in front of your house. After the area has been cleared of grass and debris and the surface is prepared as flat as possible, you are ready to prepare and place your concrete in the framed area. If the cement and water are mixed properly the result will be thick enough to bind as if cures, but pourable.


Once the cement is smoothed out to completely fill the framed area and the surface is smooth, your concrete will begin its curing process. The way cement hardens into concrete is through a hydrating process. The longer the cement stays moist the harder it will become. Indeed, the older concrete gets the harder it gets. The curing process takes about 5 to 7 days in ideal conditions that are not too hot or too cold. Really hot days will cause the water to evaporate and steal the cement of its moisture. Temperatures that are too cold will actually stop the curing process because the moisture is lost due to freezing. Ideally, temperatures above 50 degrees Fahrenheit (10 Celsius) are best.
The best way to keep the surface moist during the curing process is to use a soaking hose, sprinkler system or wet burlap on top. You can also use a curing compound to lock in the moisture.

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Curb Appeal boosters:

A sidewalk with evenly spaced blocks looks good, but you can also create a unique walkway with color enhancements, texture effects, geometric effects, and non-slip additives. Color can be added during the mixing stage or added after the concrete cures. Textures such as pebbles can be added as the concrete is poured in place. Geometric effects are applied before the curing process begins. Non-slip surface material can be applied after the sidewalk cures completely.
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