Bricklaying and Masonry in Pierrefonds

We are ready to start work on your Bricklaying and Masonry project to build walls, chimneys and other structures such as brick, block, glass block or stone.

Homeownership is a great source of pride for many of us. We create beautiful landscapes for attractive curb appeal, or simply for our own personal pleasure. We take great care of our home’s interiors with the renovation of the kitchens, bathrooms, and “bonus” rooms. The exterior walls sometimes get attention last or get minimal care with paint jobs or siding. The real beauty of a home comes from great bricklaying and masonry. This is not a job that should be taken casually. It is wise to prepare a list of questions before interviewing someone to work on your home.

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The skills for the job

People who work in masonry specialize in bricklaying and concrete. They have learned the art of mixing the best binders for the various types of bricks homeowners prefer and building structure types. They have learned how best to build a wall to assure it will stand the test of time. In most cases, a license is not required to perform this job. The good news is there are other important criterions you can refer to as you interview these skilled craftsmen:

  • Education: Some craftsmen learned their skills in at a vocational school or through on the job training. Ask where they were educated and where they did their training. If they attended an Apprenticeship program, they would have been under supervision for 4 years and over the course of training learned how to read a blueprint and perform the requisite math skills.
  • Membership status: Although not required, many masonry workers are registered with the International Union of Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers (BAC).
  • Note the applicant’s physical condition: This is a hard, often backbreaking job. Will your applicant be able to perform all the tasks of the job?

Start Your Bricklaying and Masonry Renovation

List your wishes. Think through how you want to use and visualize your Bricklaying and Masonry renovation.

Tell Bokor Your Budget

Come up with a number you won’t lose sleep over, and then add in 10 percent for any overruns or unexpected findings.

Negotiate With Bokor

Negotiating with Bokor Renovation is easy. The key is to understand where the costs come from, both time and materials.

Hire Bokor Renovation

Contact Bokor Renovation today for your Bricklaying and Masonry renovation by phone or contact form.

Talk like a pro with the Pros

You should become familiar with bricklaying and masonry materials before you set out to hire someone. Learn about the different types of binding materials available and learn about the options for brick types and patterns. It is also very important that you understand how the materials you prefer will be affected by your local climate, your home’s structure, and your preferences regarding curb appeal. The more you know the better you will be able to talk to your contractor.
You should also discuss some details to get an idea of their work ethics and communication style. An applicant that is vague or dismissive of your concerns is not one you should consider hiring no matter how low they bid for the job. Take that low bid as a sign they are not in it for quality, but rather they are in it to make money as cheaply as they can.

Get it in Writing:

Once you do settle on an applicant, you need to get the details in writing:
Work Specs: including types and amount of materials needed per careful measurement of the area to be worked and all calculations for brick and mortar.
Start date and estimated completion date: The start date should be clear and non-negotiable. The completion date will be variable depending on pre-work/preparation of surfaces, unexpected structural issues, and post-work cleanup.
Make sure that any guarantees and warranties are clearly defined and legally enforceable.
Your home is likely to be the largest investment you will ever make. Cro-Pro Bokor Renovations understands this and we respect your concerns and need for quality work. We have high-quality staff available to make your home a truly special place you can enjoy for years to come. Contact us when you are ready to renovate your home’s exterior.

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