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5 steps guide on how to plan a renovation project

How to plan a renovation project

So, you’re getting ready to undertake your exciting home renovation project and are looking for ways to plan your remodel. Well, planning for all elements of a renovation project can really make a difference to make sure your house remodeling goes smoothly and efficiently. Whether you’re looking for a simple room addition or are getting ready for a total home renovation; you can blissfully march through the process from start to finish with a careful plan.

A renovation should never be a hassle when you’ve got a vision and a plan to work on. A well-thought-out strategy and thorough research help you prepare, endure, and thrive from a renovation project. It helps you to get involved and be informed by researching and exploring through the process. In such a way you’ll have alternate plans to switch to if a thing or more goes wrong on the way.

So, be aware of your options and plan accordingly to maximize every opportunity you have to make the home that works and is perfect for you.    

5 steps guide

So, are you ready to take the plunge of a renovation project? Let’s see how we can plan through for a renovation project with this step by step definite guide. You can also use this guide as a home renovation checklist in order to achieve your vision without a hassle.

1. Find Inspiration and Outline remodel

Before enthusiasm takes better of you, browse through magazines and the internet to find inspiration and narrow down the finished look you want for your home renovation. Amass information, blueprints, pictures you may find interesting to implement into your design and renovation project and ideas of projects. Because of the immense amount of choices finding inspiration and choosing the finished product can be a bit overwhelming. So, clearly outline your project scope and define the area of changes that need to make to your home. Make a to-do-list stating each item of change and prioritize them by assigning a number. You may need to cut down the works after you’ve defined a realistic budget in the next step.    

2. Identify your goals

Don’t ever jump in home renovation with a blank page. You should be crystal clear and specific about why you want to renovate. If your space is not enough to entertain guests or you want to remodel your kitchen to get more counter space; just figure out what goals you’re looking to achieve and then plan your budget accordingly. After you’ve planned for the works that need to be done, separate the workings you can do yourself. But make sure you have the right tool, equipment, and knowledge to avoid a renovation disaster.

3. Establish a realistic Budget

Are you afraid of bleeding money – like many other homeowners out there? Don’t worry! planning your budget at this stage in depth can avoid homeowner’s sweltering at the end. Because you’re going to spend your hard-earned money, you should avoid overspending by establishing a realistic budget. It’s estimated that almost half of home renovations go over budget. So, make a spending limit and sticking to it will help you plan approximately how much you are willing to spend. Before the project gets underway, make sure to pin down decisions and select materials and finishes beforehand.  

Hire a reputable and professional Contractor

Don’t have handyman skills? Don’t worry you can always hire a helping hand. Well, this decision is foremost important. Hiring a reputable and professional contractor brings in a lot of pros and in contrast, a shoddy contractor can ruin all opportunities. Make sure you hire a professional contractor who understands your visions and respects your budgeting. One more thing, don’t always go for the least-bidder because your home doesn’t deserve cheap works.

Know your alternatives

The only way to deal with the mess of renovation is to know your alternative. Depending on whether you’re tearing your home down to the studs or you’re just trying to remove a wall or two, you must be prepared for due diligence and what you’re willing to tolerate. Make sure to consider your new routine: as it may be difficult to understand, house remodeling may take some time. It is better to plan your day to day activities thoroughly.

The Bottom Line

Home remodeling can at times get complicated, confusing, and frustrating. The only way to survive through the process is through careful planning. With a little prior preparation, you can start your home remodel on the right foot and ensure you’re ready for the project ahead. So, get inspired, decide what you’re going to accomplish, outline your needs, and handover the plan to let him engineer your dream house.