6 Considerations To Efficiently Plan a Kitchen Renovation

Man Renovating Kitchen under construction

How to plan a Kitchen Renovation

In amidst Coronavirus Outbreak, a lot of homeowners are pretty confused about whether to reevaluate and reschedule their kitchen renovation plans or not. Well, frankly speaking, you shouldn’t be in such a perplexing situation because if there’s a chance, and you think you can take benefit from such uncertain times, what’s the harm?

Yes, it’s really uncanny that such a tiny virus has completely taken over our lives but surprisingly the home improvement industry is continuing to thrive in many parts of the United States and across the globe. It’s not just because these kitchen and home remodeling companies are listed as essential services but it’s also because they’re in the process of innovating their business model to fit in the homeowner’s requirements.

Although for some works there are some risks associated but the benefits are more and you can transform your dull days of lockdown into a more like a “black Friday” situation. Because with the mandated stay-at-home order; you’ll be spending most of your time in the kitchen. You’ll be looking to eat a lot and is good as it is the only way to boost up your immunity level to fight against the virus. Hence, it could be the best time to plan and undertake kitchen renovation and remodeling.

Feeling intrigued? Let’s see how we can help you out in transforming your thud kitchen into something super-exciting and awe-inspiring.

Establishing goals and resources

As you’re more acquainted with all the flaws in your kitchen; the outdated kitchen cabinets, the frayed flooring, and that wall finishes, you’re in the perfect mood to establish goals for your kitchen renovation project.

  • Needs & Priorities: Well, this is the first thing we determine during a consultation with our clients. We will find out what your needs and priorities are for your kitchen space and suggest solutions for your needs.
  • Determining Budget – We will also find out what your budget and timeline are. By discussing your kitchen renovation project in detail and gaining a full understanding of your vision, we will have a good foundation to put your quote together begin working on your dream kitchen.
  • Choosing Fixtures & Materials – With you, we will work on choosing:
    • Kitchen cabinets – materials, colors, texture
    • Kitchen appliances – stove or cooktop & built-in oven, fridge, dishwasher, microwave
    • Sink(s), faucet(s)
    • Countertop(s)
    • Backsplash material
    • Floor covering (ceramic/porcelain tiles, hardwood, laminated flooring)

During every stage of the project and especially while planning for the kitchen remodeling/renovations we’d guide you through all possible situations and problem resolutions. We’ll never throw our decision at you rather we’ll help you in deciding what could possibly be the best pick for your needs. We’ll discuss and put forward all the possible ideas and solutions in order to let you get your dream kitchen without breaking the bank.

Electrical work

We’ll help you to get ready for the possible upgrade on your kitchen’s electrical systems. Our certified electricians will help you to create a plan that works for your kitchen. If you’re always complaining about a lack of electrical outlets; we’ll help you in installing more as per your needs for maximum accessibility and practicality. We’ll guide you on adopting/improving the electrical wiring in the light of code requirements.

If you’re planning to replace the kitchen electrical line we’ll help you to bring a new electrical line (from the electrical panel to the kitchen). Besides this, we’ll work through electrical wiring for new positions for lighting (if changed from existing) besides installing new and/or additional lights. If you require an electrical fan we’ll help you get one for the best experience.

Plumbing work

If you’re rather interested in a bit of extensive shifting of kitchen fixtures you’ll probably have to undertake plumbing modifications. That’s where our certified plumbers will be helping you to adopt/move or add plumbing installations for your new kitchen. They’ll work through the water supply and drains if you’re shifting the kitchen sink and for an additional sink, we’ll help you get one installed properly with a water supply and drain line.

Design and choices

Once we have gathered all the information we need to know about the project, we get to work on drawing a proposed design incorporating your needs and wants. When this is completed, we will set up another meeting to present our design plan to you. This is a time to get excited because we’ll be helping you to create a kitchen of your dreams.

Custom items

If you’re more interested in custom made items, we’ll help you to choose. Once you have approved the design plan, we’ll begin to work on manufacturing the custom items for your kitchen. Our expert designers will be guiding you through the process of choosing and delivering all the needed materials. We never hesitate to go that extra mile for your satisfaction.

Installing your new kitchen

In the end, when all your kitchen cabinets and other custom-made items are ready, we will then deliver your kitchen cabinets and begin the installation process without a delay.

Still, confused?

If you’re still not sure about how to go to your kitchen renovation project, we encourage you to call us now and our sales rep will help you out.